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Another end-game Idea

So I had a shower thought (best ideas always come from the shower lol.) This game has a lot in terms of End-Game and I know your team has a bunch of stuff on your plate but ill try to entertain you. A PvP arena is scheduled to be a part of the game where I am assuming players will just kill each other. In my experience, PvP in ARPG’s has always been extremely hard to balance. My idea is to have something similar to the arena that is in the game currently.

You put yourself in a queue and get matched with another player (1v1, 2v2 etc, but for now 1v1 as an example.) After you find a match, you get 30 secs to inspect the player and see and gather as much info from their build as you can. Both players are put in separate arena halves and waves start coming until 5 (like they do in the current arena mode.) Intermission at wave 5 gives you an affix (similar to monolith choice) as to how you can disrupt the other player to get them killed. These affix’s would stack every 5 waves.

Spellblade Vs. Druid
Our spellblade is relying on high ward/dodge to survive and our Druid has a Werebear 100% crit uptime build.

The first 5 waves are completed and both players get the choice of:
Reduce opponent crit chance by X% [Spellblade selects]
Spawn a boss on the 5th wave who’s attacks never miss [Werebear Selects]
Reduce opponent ward retention by X%

Both players make it to Wave 10 and are given another choice
Random circle spawn that prevents ward generation inside [Werebear selects]
Increases opponent mana costs by X [Spellblade selects]
Reduces opponent movement speed by X%

So now the Spellblade player is dealing with a circle spawn that can cripple his ward generation and a boss that he cant dodge every 5 waves.

Werebear can no longer retain 100% uptime on werebear form due to crit crippling and mana cost increases.

Goes on till a player dies.


I’d propose a ranking system with greater reward based off of rank. Cosmetic rewards could also be implemented.

Thanks for reading and keep up the great work y’all are doing!


Wow. Nice idea. But I don’t wanna be the one to balance this in terms of these choices. :smile: But sounds definitely cool.

In terms of arena I hope there’s more than just killing an opponent or team.

What would be cool is a sort of duel arena Jedi Knight style. There you queued for a duell. The one that won the fight stayed in the duell pit the loser was out. Everybody in the queue was spectator and could watch the duel.

Bloodline Champions (the predecessor of Battlerite) had gamemodes like conquest (capture points) and capture the flag. This was a lot of fun. Could work with LE, too.

Sounds awesome. And since I’m watching ST:TNG, make it so!

Even without 100% crit, just using entangling roots the werebear would stay in his form forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, well you still get the concept of what I was going for :shushing_face:

This is also an example of why this idea as a game mode is interesting. In this specific scenario, if I was the spellblade I would have more than likely lost for failing to properly sabotage the druids build in the way I was trying.

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I would be so fucking bad in this game mode :joy:

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This idea is pretty cool and actually makes you actively think about game and build mechanics. I kinda like it. But at the same time, not sure if it would actually be fun - not sure if this gut sense is because your idea is simply so radical!

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I think the devs should immediately implement this idea.

Nothing to see here, move along

Pssst, Sarno, I’ll send you some Jammie Wagon Wheels if you chuck in some code that always matches me with @RawSuicide.

Archenemy List [Update]

  1. @Llama8 (from #211)

Yeah, but apparently your PvP skills suck, so…

Glad to see you all liked my shower idea :slight_smile:

Now if only we could get some input from a dev on what they think about it!

I understand it’s probably too late to get it implemented now however it could be a part of a large patch down the road when the game releases.:crossed_fingers::clap::crossed_fingers:

I was not in the shower but I got an idea for a modifier to choose: Swap characters. So you have to play the character you just impaired.

Would at least give me a chance (especially against that @Llama8 dude).

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You wish.

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I Miss d2 Pvp :stuck_out_tongue:

even though i was never a pvp player in arpg’s, this is a great idea. But yeah, i think its really hard to balance and implement as well. +1 vote from me though!

Yeah! So what about additional stash tabs for ears of your slayn opponents :grin:

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