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Animations are biggest issue for me

I have played four characters to level 40 or so. The biggest issue for me was the animations. Loot just appearing on the ground, attack and spell animations, and monster animations all reduced immersion which made it harder to continue playing. If all of those were smoother and more believable it would help a lot for me.

Aside from that and crashes to desktop, everything else seemed very good to me. I like the skill system, passive system, defenses, and loot. I still don’t quite see how DOT’s will scale well enough but I didn’t experiment with them very much.

PS. Please change adaptive spell damage to just spell damage. Adaptive is a name only a programmer could love :smile:


Improved animations & the like are on-going tasks (even in PoE, they improved some of their melee animations only a few leagues ago & that’s been out for ~7 years).

DoTs are generally about applying as many stacks as quickly as possible (an ignite chance of 200% would apply 2 stacks of ignite, and so on), so they benefit most from getting as high a chance to apply the DoT as possibly with as high an attack/cast speed as possible in addition to increasing the damage they do per stack.

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