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Ancient traveler? :


the 10 dollar ancient traveler wll givme acces to play the game RIGHT NOW? i dont care alpha beta… , but i wan to play right now, if no thn what i get for pay 10 dollars ancient traveler???


The game is currently in alpha.

Beta begins next year, and the finished game will launch in 2020.


So i wll get to play the game in 2020 if i buy the ancient traveler??? i want to know if i get the 10 dollar ancient traveler what i wll get? like everybody i want to play the game right now


The $10 Ancient Traveler pack is a way to prepurchase the game and get a discount.

The $35 Ancient Gladiator pack includes that, and also offers beta access as well.

The $50 Ancient Champion pack is the first to include alpha access (i.e. begin playing today).