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An Update to Patch 0.7.3's Release Time

Update: Patch 0.7.3 is now available!


Yet another reason to support this Dev team, so many other games would have pushed it out, kept quiet and then fixed it in a later patch. Not as in this case explained the issue and the reason for the delay.

Kudos to the team yet again


Thank you for the understanding and the kind words.

We’re all very disappointed at how today has turned out.


Don’t worry, just keep up the good work. thank you for the game

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It feels disappointing when things like this go wrong, but the way you are addressing it makes players feel respected and invested in what you are creating. Great job.


Good morning!

I just wanted to pop in and confirm that we still anticipate Patch 0.7.3 being released later today. We believe all of the issues we identified have been resolved. Currently we’re just waiting for more of the team to become available (it’s just after 6 am where we’re based), and to perform some additional brief QA to make sure everything’s solid.

Apologies again for the patch being delayed.


Just take your time guys and keep up the good work you are doing great job!

I’m locking this thread as we have since released Patch 0.7.3;

Thanks for bearing with us!

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