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An Update to Mac Support

@mantralord It’s definitely an annoying dilemma for developers, I certainly see that. I just think this is a bit of an isolated case. The game was promised for a platform in Kickstarter and seems to be pretty far along. I don’t agree that the current systems are going to fade away quite as quickly as you suggest. I know a lot of Mac users on forums, etc are excited about jumping on the latest tech, but for every one of those types, I think there are likely 5-10 “quiet” Mac users that are happy with what they have and don’t think about updating or purchasing a new computer until they absolutely have to. I’m thinking about every one of my Mac user friends/family, and not a single one of them is the type to jump on a new tech wave; they are pretty much all 5-10+ years type of users. And don’t forget Apple has announced they still have additional new Intel based Macs coming out in the future. My guess is the user base will stay strong for at least the next 5+ years, which would seem good enough to warrant supporting.

Perhaps ultimately the existing number of total Mac downloads/buyers of LE has showed there isn’t enough interest to warrant continuing, I don’t know. But honestly I think that would also be a premature assumption as I believe a lot of gamers are waiting to see how multiplayer turns out before even trying the game.


Don’t you get it? They are too lazy to even do that …

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so I guess thats it? no refund nothing ? wow
I think all the Mac users will shut up even if you just refund 30% to us

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Mac users aren’t owed a refund because Apple decided to make their platform incompatible with the rest of the world… If you want to be angry, be angry with Apple. Don’t blame the developers. There’s not much the developers can easily do here. You purchased the license to this software and it’s still available to you to play it on Windows. They aren’t revoking your access to play the game. Last Epoch isn’t a subscription service.

To the Kickstarter backers: Kickstarter is not an investment nor pre-order platform. You weren’t even guaranteed a final product. It was in your Kickstarter agreement.

Once again, be angry at Apple, not the developers. Get off your entitlement horses.



I wonder how you and others would feel if this had happened to you. Say for instance Microsoft announced Windows 12 will only support a new MS processor - would you be 100% supportive of the developer cancelling support for current Windows 10 users?

Last time. I don’t think Mac users expect support for this game for Apple’s future processor/OS combo. But it seems like the existing user base deserves better treatment, if not a finished game then some sort of refund would certainly be a nice gesture.

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YEA RIGHT ! Typical Microsoft fanboy / fandroid tone
Blame everything on apple
Let’s just stay at those useless low efficiency intel based cpu / GPU forever

Apple innovate + making their own silicon but with lazy developer refuse to collaborate ( eleventh hour games ) = blame apple

Why why? Why make all these advancements ? What’s the point ? Right ?

Apple stay on course = also apple’s fault

Lol Microsoft fan boy like you are disgusting :nauseated_face:

Since all the normal developers are expressing their excitement about the apple transition to apple silicon etc: Michael Douse from baldur’s gate 3

They said they were just waiting for this specific moment , what does this mean for the desktop
They also said this is the easiest transition they have ever had and getting their apps ready for apple silicon on Mac literally took them a day
( so basically eleven hour games are too lazy to even spare a single day for the macOS users )

I can’t wait for the higher end apple silicon coming out for the next year

Lol while lazy developers like eleventh hour games came up with such lame excuses about dropping macOS support lol !!

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imagine acting like Mac OS is important. even linux is more important than Mac OS when it comes to gaming.

Edit: any dev who would even consider the notion of dropping windows support in favor of Mac OS, is commiting financial suicide.

I don’t think Larian is a particularly small developer though, & I’d assume that much smaller studios that only have a handful of developers (like EHG) might have a slightly different take on it.

I’m also not sure one should take just 1 developer’s word for it as to how easy it is to convert their game to work on Apple’s new silicon.

We get you (& every other Mac user) are disappointed, but you don’t need to go rabid & **** on the devs. Hopefully, they will revise their stance & continue support for the Intel Macs until such time that they are able to get LE ported over to work on the new silicon as well. IMO, that would be reasonable.


As a Mac user for over 30 years I entirely agree with this statement. However, same goes for PC users who want to ****on Macs because we’re in the minority. The DEVS here have demonstrated time and time again they’re terrific. This was by NO means an indication they’re lazy and implying that is the case is ridiculous and meritless. They’re small. It’s called strategy. You don’t win a war by splitting your fronts if you’ve got limited resources. I have no don’t that if they can grow they will revisit this.

With over 500 hours in the game, and having supported alpha and beta phases (I’m still bummed I didn’t see the Kickstarter start :star_struck:) I got more than my fair share of gameplay. And given Bootcamp is going to be around at least for a couple more years even having to get a Windows license still gets me a **** ton of a bargain.


I felt during development mac was already a burden so I’m not surprised they dropped it with the recent news.

I hope mac users find a way to play the game somehow

I’m just quoting one of the developer doesn’t mean there’s just one developer saying it

I think we need to stop finding excuses for this EVG developer

Three years ago, we ported our renderer to Metal. It didn’t take much time, it was a blast and it worked really well

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LOLFOF. This is pretty funny because it’s like saying. “Hey we were using Gala Apples but now we’re going to switch to Granny Smith and it’s fantastic.”

Where as a shift in actual architecture is more like “Hey we’re using Gala Apples but now we’re going to switch to Submarines. It’s going to be a blast!”


Now that the first M1 Macs are out, this decision becomes even more ridiculous. Confirmation is all over the Internet that x86 applications including games work EXTREMELY well on the new Macs. So, they could have simply continued development of the x86 version and it would have worked just fine on the new machines…

Guess they never even tested on a dev-kit?

Instead it increasingly looks like this was just a welcome excuse… :frowning:

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Plz just stop defending for this lazy ass developer already

You know that even a huge game like world of Warcraft already got apple silicon ARM support right ?

That’s day one support , on the contrary , last epoch developer is pathetic …

They should have taken a direct approach talk about macOS don’t have big enough market share so they want to drop it or say something reasonable like that rocket league developer

instead of saying and blame some lame ass Shit about apple silicon ?

Players have been expressing their appreciation for the M1 chip support, and for the company’s Mac support more generally.

“Thanks for supporting Macs for such a long time.”

“Seconded! The World of Warcraft Mac team really is excellent. Adopting new API’s really quickly and not sitting on their hands keeping the Mac client on life support. Huge shoutout and kudos to all the hard work they put into the Mac client! It really is appreciated.”

“Wow this is so unexpected. I’m really needing to switch to a Mac computer for work and was going to cancel subscription if it didn’t have this support going forward. Really good news that i’ll be able to keep playing! Cheers Blizz.”

“I wish to thanks Blizzard for being fairly faithful to Mac users for so long. Especially with World of Warcraft.”

“Thank-you for continuing to support Macs as a first-class system for WoW! Not having the time or budget to manage a separate computer or OS just for gaming, I wouldn’t be a WoW player without Mac support.”

“I didn’t expect it this soon. Truly amazing development.”

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Certainly your flawless logic and the kind way you present your opinion will convince the dev team to change their mind on mac support.

I mean, if even a small indi team like Activision Blizzard can offer Mac Support for their niche products, there’s no way EHG with all their countless resources from kickstarter and EA could not do the same, right?!


You can’t have a go at someone for saying something you disagree with then turn right around and say something that they disagree with & not expect them to reply disagreeing with you.

You have made your point that you are bitterly disappointed with EHG’s stance on this. Continuing to insult them isn’t going to make them more likely to change their minds.

Are you trying to suggest that the amount of resources Blizzard has & can throw at a problem like this is comparable to the amount of resources that EHG has for their entire game? Blizzard’s PR team for the US is probably several times larger than the entirety of EHG.


Just makes me want to puke, really. I really liked this game and had high hopes for its future and for the future of gaming on apple.