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An Idea I think we all can get behind

NFL themed football jerseys for your MINIONs, Pads, helmits. Now instead of a bunch of skellies darting around in tattered clothes , it can be your FAVORITE NFL team! Imagine the Green Bay packers (or if you have lesser tastes the Dallas Cowboys) backing you up in THE ARENA!
Of course there would be some licensing issues, so you’ll have to contact Roger Goodell to clear that up.

Replace NFL with NHL and you got yourself a deal! Only hockey is allowed up here in the great white north. :canada:

Playoffs are about to start too…so this patch is likely coming at a bad time for me :joy:


Gretsky lives with us now.

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OK, who leaked it?


That’s cruel Mike…don’t even joke about that! lol.

I’m so hockey (and sports) deprived at this point I’ll probably be watching every game I can. Though, I’ll only be rooting for one team…my Toronto Maple Leafs. :wink:


I’m so sorry that we can’t be friends. I was raised in a very strict habs household. Although I do root for Vancouver now.

I just want things to be back to normal for boxing day for the best hockey tournament of the year.

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Haha, well I have several friends that are Habs fans…who usually have nothing better to do than to remind me when the Leafs last won the cup. :pensive:

I used to live in Vancouver when I was younger so I too have a soft spot for the Canucks. And yeah, hopefully the world juniors takes place this year and we win another gold medal. :grin:

What is NFL or NHL?


American football & hockey. Both for pansies as they wear body armour. Not like proper Rugby.

runs for cover.


Oh i see Gridiron and Hockey… yes i understand being Aussie lol

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All of these sports are a replacement for warrior mentality that fansbros yearn for and are partially getting but without the warriors. Playing with balls (or pucks) has never been a thing in our history until very recently.

The UFC is showing the world how to operate in a crisis. And they have the warriors. Time to make the switch lads.


True, they should play with grenades instead of balls, much more manly.


My DD214 says the UFC needs to step up the warrior aspect if that’s what we’re really going for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Go Blues!

You guys… stay on topic. This is about MY MINIONS WEARING FOOTBALL JERSEYS.

stay focused.


Replace NFL & NHL with european football shirts and you might be onto something, otherwise forget it.

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No then the minions would barely bump into each other, fall to the ground and feign injury.


Yeah, but they’d be worth a f***ton!

I’m going to be the party pooper and say this thread should be in off topic.

Mangy kids, GET OFF MY LAWN.


Now i would pay real $$$ if my 6 beasts can have jerseys with 1-Alisson 4-Virgil 9-Firmino 10-Mane 11-Salah 66-Trent … YWNWA … ok lets wait for all the Manc salty responses :rofl: