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Amarathy's Mana Strike Spellshock Build 0.7.8F (Zappyboi) 250+ Arena





Posted an update to this guide with an absolutely crazy interaction between the Sorcerer’s Passive Distant Spark and Spark Charge Idols. Enjoy some Peak zappyboi gaming as you slideshow up to 10-50k ward and shredding fireboi’s in seconds!

Started the spellblade version in your original video yesterday. Do you suggest switching based on this? It would seem to make sense to switch.

I’d recommend the Sorc in general at the moment as it has far more options! Spellblade is still a very cool class, and my max level Spellblade will be raring to go when they get an update but for now would definitely recommend Sorc.

Got it, rolling a new one!

For those that want a little fun while Reen is still bugged (procing on every crit instead of just melee crits) this is the perfect build for it! Just a casual 13000%+ crit multi. Pick up the additional 5 adaptive spell power in the passive tree and watch 200+ firegolems drop in seconds off screen.