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Alpha 0.6.1 Patch Notes


have a question once you touch the flower in the garden and enter the vortex nothing happens… is this supposed to happen?


I had a similar issue where I got stuck during the vortex animation, restart the game and you should spawn at the End of Time area. Only happened once to me.


yeah i did and it worked, just unusual that it got stuck like that must be a bug or something


Apologies for the inconvenience! We are in the process of fixing the affected zones.


Nice seeing you guys putting so much effort - just asked for upgrading my pack :smiley:


I would like to know if we can remap the button layouts on the controller?

a, b, x, y, Lt, Rt, are better for using actions 1-4, m1, m2,

Lb, or Rb would feel better for potion, as they out of the way.
Lb for potion would save me from accidentally using a potion during battle.
D-pad Right, is already a great spot for portal. Why have that on Y also? Y could be used for an ability.
This is how I would like to remap the controller button layout for an example.
A: Use ability 1
B: Use abiliity 2
X: UI left click
Y: Use abiliity 5 /UI right click
LT: Use ability 3
RT: Use ability 4
LB: Use potion
RB: Opens controller radial menu

Thank you, Cheers.


Yes, you can remap buttons from in-game. Though do note that controller support is still pretty new, so things might not be perfect.


Where do materials go when i press that button in inventory? all disappear but only very few i can see in “crafting materials”
nvm, pressed F :smiley: long time^^