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Allow continuing the Arena at the highest wave you reached on that character at the cost of multiple Arena keys

I agree with most of that but being able to deal with any mob doesn’t mean you can get to wave 1,000,000 if you never make a mistake. At some point you will die no matter what.

Considering how scaling works, yes, you can go on forever.
Every attack in the game is dodgable. It has always been like this.

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I guess I didn’t know that. But with what you’re saying, shouldnt there be far more people at extremely high waves? as in 1K and up? The highest I’ve seen is Foe at wave 400+. In SC/Solo anyways.

It takes an insane ammount of skill to reach those waves, we are talking thousands of arena runs on experience.

You will also need insane APM and mechanics, so not something everyone can even try.

FoE is insanley talented, playing an insane build, with insane gear and 2000 hour experience on arena, not your avarage gamer.

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well, good to know and thanks for the info. i still feel there should be some sort of system related to my original suggestion added, but my main intentions with this thread was to get some discussion on the subject and share my thoughts to get feedback on them as well.

Even with melee? There would be a point where even the normal auto attack from a mob will kill you and I don’t see how a melee build would be able to get in and survive while a ranged build would and that doesn’t feel reasonable to me.

Some things I found interesting perusing this thread:
Dodge can get you to wave 1,000,000.*
Lots of different types of players here, casual, hardcore, and other! Yay diversity!
Range > melee, but honestly… that’s every game almost? lol

I love the new monolith, but haven’t done much with arena. Might have to try it now, but it’s always been rough for me to get into the wave thing. I am speaking completely from my own PoV, but arena is boring to me. Its not very interactive, I simply wait and kill. But! I need to do it so I know what it offers, so I will.

Now, onto the topic. (All comments here are my opinion and view, even if its stated as fact. I’m just conveying ideas. :slight_smile: )

Checkpoints for an arena like this wouldn’t necessarily be terrible, but its also not a good idea. EHG plans on having more end game systems I believe, so as the arena stands, I feel its pretty solid. It gives hardcore pushers what they want, and the ladders will be more meaningful than those with checkpoints. If multiple end game modes are the plan, one (or more) should kind of be unforgivable, harsh, even brutal. I feel Arena is that currently, just raw. EHG, lets see what you do with it!

I appreciate what @FriendlyGamerGuy did here with this discussion. I feel like it was civil and points were made back and forth. All points weren’t agreed with it seems, but that’s fine.

*: I know this was just a facetious comment, but I did chortle a bit, and co-workers looked at me strange. :confused:

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Right now the arena for me is simply being maximum bored for 1 hour - half of it being AFK and the other half of it not even looking at the screen after which I’m privileged for
~45 minutes of playing the game properly.
My first thought which occurs after dying in the arena is: “Do I want to sit through all this boredom again?” not “What did I do wrong and how can I improve?”.
There are loads of brain derps, lags, colour blindnesses & odd one shots which don’t get categorized under the learning material section.

  1. If it’s a test of skill, then there’s no skill in waiting 1h statically
  2. If it’s for fun, then there’s no fun in waiting 1h statically
  3. If it’s a test of endurance then it’s the worst kind - boredom

I’m personally really not buying these fishing arguments. Most builds don’t get further than something 50 arena waves from their first score if there are no improvement made. It’s not like the player gets a good layout and suddenly pushes from 100 to 200 and 200 to 300. Most of the time the player is dropped at least by wave 150 if they were overpowered at 100 before.

  • If there’s a checkpoint after every 100 waves, I see there being no problem in fishing.
  • If there still is fishing and it truly is harmful, then make the arena work in a way where it’s too expensive either time or currency wise to leave it without making an attempt.
  • If this is bypassed and there still is fishing miraculously somehow, then everyone who’s competitive enough can engage in this strategy - it’s still better than plain boredom of being alt tabbed for an hour.

Another option would be to simply make the arena scale up faster (:

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I agree with @kiss_me_quick and @Shrukn on one thing: The current Arena is about as boring as watching a flag flap in the wind and I honestly see very little point in it after the first few flaps.

Its the same thing, wave after wave. The pauses with drops are pathetic and virtually pointless. There does not seem to be any benefit other than saying “whoo hoo, my char made it to level 150+” and other useless appendage length achievements.

Maybe I am biased from all the other boring Arena modes in other ARPGs. I have never really enjoyed them as the incentive to do them did not come close to counteracting the boredom that inevitably sets in… I always prefer to run an alt in the storyline in preference to waves of mobs over and over.

LEs Monolith is very good as end-game and temporary diversions from the storyline at other set levels and even for exp if you get the bonuses up. In my opinion it can only get better so I will always prefer it over Arena and honestly could care less if Arena just vanished.

But thats just me.

@Shrukn is right though…

Sure the initial remark was crude but nobody was attacked personally.
It seems to me that you have made a problem out of his/her way of conducting themselves to not engage with the statements and questions proposed.

I would also suggest you to read what you yourself wrote - if you set up standards of behavior or claim misconduct by someone then you should be demonstrating the correct behavior by example, not take out your propane & propane accessories.
While the behavior of @Shrukn was not exemplary, in conjunction it seems like he/she was downright pleasant next to the reaction and remarks made by you and @FoE; bacon or not.

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Yes, even on melee.
You can juke all auto attacks from all melee mobs as melee!

Juking melee attacks as melee

necro abuser LUL

Jokes aside, you might be bored cuz that necro build u played is indeed an AFK build!

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Please keep things civil and relevant to the discussion at hand. Thanks.


I was asleep for quite a while and just now got back to this thread. I’m glad to see replies with more diverse perspectives. I was honestly hoping for that so that if EHG sees them there’s multiple decisions to consider when improving the Arena. There’s definitely a lot of people who participate in the Arena for different reasons and goals.

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I almost never run arena just because there is no checkpoint, if i understand what you said you’d like it too, your idea is cool , pay more key to keep going later

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yeah, basically. a lot of the other ideas in this thread are pretty good too