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Additional effects affected by stats?

I’ve been playing for a while now, and I’ve always wondered if additional damaging spell effects are affected by stats.

Example: Charged Ground (node from static orb which adds multiple ground explosions).
Charged ground is affected by spell and lighting damage as stated, and note other static orb specific damage nodes. However, since it is casted from Static Orb, does Charged Ground still gain the base 4% damage per INT?

Attribute scaling stats apply to anything the skill creates, including ailments and procced skills such as charged ground.

That’s interesting, thank you. But now that brings another question to mind: when shrapnel created by meteor inflicts ignite due to having a lot of ignite chance from gear, would INT increase the damage of the ignite stacks by 4% per point?

Yes, and that’s also true for any other ailment chance from items or passive.

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