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Adding more skils?

Hello there , so im wondering maybe in future we get more added skills ? i mean to press more butions etc ? like in poe ?

also ssf stash tabs are accaunt wide or character ?

also is characters get wiped after full realse ?

More skill slots? Probably not, the devs have said that they balanced the game around having 5 specialisable skills.

Character, 'cause it’s solo self-found.

No, but the current characters will only ever be offline-only & any mutliplayer characters we make prior to launch will be put into a “standard” league that doesn’t interact with the “launch” league.

So its if u play ssf hc and u die u loss all stash tabs in league ?

and yeah i understand that after new league release your charatcers will be put to standart. and whne we can get multiplayer ?:x:

Correct, though I was under the impression that dieing in HC pushed your character to SC, though I’ve never tried it.

shrugs Nobody knows. Certainly not 0.8 though.

Nobody? hmm…
Somebody knows what nobody doesnt that everybody could if anybody told them.

Not sure what language that’s in, but it’s not English. Not even Australian…


Haha was thinking the same, ive tried to read that line over a few times, and suddenly realized its a test where we have to fill in the gaps ourselves. Heres my try :

“Somebody knows (something), (but) what nobody (knows is) that everybody could (know something) if anybody told them”

Hmm that didnt make sense either…i give up

I was really tired when I wrote that. Properly it should be stated:

  • nobody knows what anybody could if somebody found out and let everybody know.


Well it’s a bit of an improvement…

Thats ok, just make sure you take a little nap before making the next build, we cant have you make a build like :
“The Shamadin, with up to 100+wraths, and Disintegrate as main skill” :grinning:

I’d pay money to see that.

How much $$

After I take off all the taxes and various transaction fees, I believe you would owe me about £50.

Llama tax is scary.

Aight´ …Now show me da moneyzz

(This one can even fly, so id expect to be rich$$)


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I would, but @Sarno would cry if I went (further) off-topic. shrugs

And I am a good forumite.

Brings me to the point that we defenitely need capes in LE!!

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Hmm, that has an odd resemblence to what my boss tell me when i ask for my paycheck…

@RawSuicide Indeed, id vote for a “Rayheh like” cape/wings that granted the bombardment skill when equipped

…Buut Llama8 is probably right, too much off topic so ill cap(e) it here

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No capes for superheros…

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