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Actual droprates and xp gain increased for testing?

Hey there,
Are we actally testing the game settings we can expect going live on release? Or are things like drop rates, gold/xp gain increased and item prices and refund taxes decreased for better testing?

I’m finding uniques quite regularly and it feels very satisfying for me. Also the gambling seems to be very rewarding with the prices being relatively low.

I don’t want to suggest to adjust any of the setting. Just want to know what to expect to be changed.

I’m wondering about this too.
Does feel like we get to level a bit to fast during the campaign. Just imo though.

In the past a dev mentioned they’ll look at the leveleling progress and chang it where it’s need if needed. If you clear everything the chars level is 9-10 levels higher then the content you play while leveling. This is a bit strange if you ask me but we’ll see if there will be changes.

That’s not an uncommon thing though. In PoE you’ll be quite a bit over levelled if you clear every zone you go through. IMO it’s a bit odd if the quickest/“best” way to progress through the main quest in an ARPG is to not kill everything.

The fastest way is to be underleveled by ~1 level and skip everything you don’t need to kill. The faster you are at the endgame modes the faster you get good gear and so on and so forth. I realy wait for an ARPG that benefits exlorative playstyle for people who poke their nose in every corner. Right now I started a new toon and I’m 5 levels ahead of the zone level instead of 10 so it’s a bit better now but still… 5 lvls is a lot.


Last Epoch started off in the form of free pre-alpha demos we made available, beginning in late 2017. We continued to work on updates and in 2018 brought Last Epoch to KickStarter.

Back in the day, progression was definitely expedited so that people who don’t play for long could experience (and provide feedback on) as much as possible. Since Last Epoch entered the alpha stage of development in August 2018, we’ve been gradually iterating on things to bring them closer to how they will be at release. This is very much a work in progress.

Currently I wouldn’t say that progression is deliberately faster than it will be at release, but so far we have invested relatively little time in balancing, and so there will be changes coming in future. To offer one example, the time it takes to level up skills will likely see adjustments, with a focus on the last few levels taking longer to obtain than is presently the case.

I like the “not slow” current pace. I feel it’s very satisfying, to see my character progress “enough” so i have a sense of improvement. If i need to grind too much between “reward”, it will be unattractive.

I agree, it is nice to be able to play a half-hour and see progress. Obviously this should scale, not every level should be this way, though in contrast with games like Grim Dawn where early levels might take a few hours, it is a breath of fresh air.

That is nice to hear (read). I was a bit afraid that the pace would get slower in the near future.

Respecing and all this is nice, but I find it kind of hard to try very different builds only by respecing. Adapting to new skills or play style is not easy when you not learn it from the scratch. It’s like locking into someone’s account and play a char you do not know. So I so always prefer creating new characters for different functions (1x Char per Element as a Sorc, 1x Spellblade, Forge Guard Melee, Forge Guard Hammerthrow, and so on…).

And therefore I am very confident with the current pace of the game.

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