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Active abilities. Do you use them?


I find myself 90% of the time not even bothering to hit them and I notice most streams people almost never use them either. Most will use howl a few times but with the low timer on the buff and neeeding to constantly hit it almost to a one they just stop using it myself included. So just curious do you use them often or once in a great while?


On my level 53 I’ve been using them for a huge damage burst by doing the following (i have 3 wolves and a sabretooth)

howl > leap into mobs (specced for all my pets to leap with me and they get a 150% dmg boost for 3s after landing) > flurry swipes (sabretooth’s active)

but when theyre actively fighting, no. the buff lasts 6 seconds so i just pop it inbetween and constantly use leap to leash all my mobs back to me.


Cool cool. That is about the time I remember to hit them as well. When I see a big boy that needs a lot of dmg fast. Other then that I usually don’t even bother.


I haven’t done minions in a few days but if I remember rightly there was a short casting animation that made me not want to use them when I was in combat. Why lose an attack now to gain a small buff over several seconds?

So I also used wolves only before leaping in. I did use sabertooth and bear on occasion, mostly just spamming the sabertooth button because the ability wouldn’t go off while I was in the middle of an attack animation I believe.

I use the spriggan’s ability mainly to locate the spriggan in the middle of all the mess so I know where to drop my entangling roots for the buff and heal.


Yea the howl at least makes you stop attacking or casting to throw your arm up and howl with them. Another reason I don’t hit it often. I think all of them make you stop but not 100% on that.


I run 1 Spriggan only because there are no benefits for having no pets. I will try the “Only one companion” passive nodes in the next days but right now I feel a bit underwhelmed from the new pet mechanics. If those were instants without locking my char into a useless animation and root him I may end up using those more but right now every pet attack is a dmg loss vs the dmg I do with my toon.


The bear slow is really good. If anything, I’d use the Bear as the only pet and as tanky as possible.


The bear is nice but even with all his defensive nodes maxed he still folds like paper in the Arena if he wanders off on his own just like the others. I would use the Spriggan for the dmg increase buff it can give. I still wish and hope they will make pets attack what we do and stay by our side unless given the command with A to attack something else.


Also I want to thank you all for taking part in the thread. Hopefully it is god feedback for EHG and they can see how most people feel about the pets and their abilities in the iteration they are currently in. Even if you disagree with me or have other ideas please post. The more ideas and opinions the better !


I honestly haven’t even tried further than wave 70 due to mobs not hitting enough and me falling asleep.


LOl fair enough!


I am sure these active abilities will get more interesting over time, and I think we will see updates or reworks to the pet trees that either change the active abilities or buff them. This was just the first iteration of it.


I would hope so and I am sure they will. I just wanted a thread for people to say what they think of them as they are now in this first state and what they like or don’t and toss about ideas even for second wave. I even used iteration earlier as well :wink:.

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