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Acolyte skill 'Transplant' skill tree node 'Plated Bone' malfunction

Hello If you take the node in the ‘Transplant’ tree ’ Bone Armor’ you are granted a damage mitigation and bonus armor after using transplant and an internal 10-second cooldown. The node ‘Plated Bone’ should further amplify the bonuses of bone armor by 10% and 20. However, this bonus 10% and 20% is not reflected in the stats window when you use the skill and activate bone armor. Perhaps its only applying to the damage mitigation, maybe its doing nothing, maybe the text should just be updated so you don’t expect the bonus armor. Either way, cheers.

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Thanks for this! I’m doing a quick refactor and it will be working/visible, and it will take effect for other stats being given to Bone Armor.

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