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Despite skill specialization saying rogues/archers/warriors can cast bone armor archers dont cast it, not sure about rogues.
Rip blood`s blood infusion does not give more damage, only ias, Test it several time with different minion, no changes in damage output by minions.
Transplant shows bone armor visual even without specialization in bone armor nodes. Does skeletons from transplant specialization have same bonuses from lvl/int like all skeleton? They seem to die way more easily. To add when you cast transplant they seems to be stuck to you until you move away.
How exactly soul aegis work? I can only add some armor and vitality to minion. Do they have some inbuild protections? Do they got some percent out of my own protection stats? Does health count as protection?
I wasnt able to find anyone else reporting any of these so sorry if its already mentioned.
Thank you, for your time in advance.
Edit1. After a bit of testing i am pretty sure transplant specialization last laugh doesnt work properly too- no increase in dmg output by minions

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