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Acolyte/lich bugged/broken

first of great game, second yes I know its a beta and third yes I did use this broken spec/ ability for several hours so I could test it and give as much info as possible. There are several issues I need to go over and I apologise for the lengthy post, 1st is that I decided to try make a lich spec based around poison damage and the aura of decay my idea was to try and use regen and different passives to outheal the dot damage to my character, without going into details I managed to get the idea working and had ok damage and was able to keep my health at full with regen allowing me to keep the aura AOE running constantly until my character died then it stopped working so I had to respect my passives to get it to work again this happened a few times randomly but finally I got it to work althou the regen I had was way more than I should have needed also I never had issues when I logged out and back in it was only when I died…2nd I carried on playing the spec and decided to spec into the lich passive where if you use a 1 handed weapon and no shield you get more ( I think its dmg over time) damage but as I was playing I noticed my defensives goin up, it turns out that when you equip and unequip a shield when using that passive you keep the stats from the shield and basically you can stack this after several hours of testing I found out that you can use shields you pick up, shields you can buy and shields you craft onto, basically if you equip the shield then unequip it then drop it on the floor then pic it back up after doing this 2 times you get the shield stats and that’s any stats that you get on the shield or that you can craft on the shield, basically you can give yourself infinity stats and make your character unkillable also while testing this I managed to find the exsanginous chest piece which I wanted to try with my original spec so I respect my passives as I had enough info for this post and had a working spec again where I made use of the passive where you get triple dmg under 35% health meaning I could try different dmg apssives as well cause I did not need the regen as the chest kept me on around 40 health but gave me ward instead, now I dont know if what I did with the spec is something that’s intended or if id managed to find another bug but it worked I kinda had the spec I wanted I was just missing the skill tree for the aura as its not enabled yet anyways I continued to play and then died and from that point the spec did not work, every time I cast the aura my health just went to zero and I died so I logged out and back in and now my character only has the unique necro axe as all my other gear on the character is gone…the full necro set piece gear a unique belt and crafted gear all gone…also my character is bugged as I have my points spec in such a way where I should die because I have no regen but instead I go down to about 83 health down from 400 or so and my health just sits there, hope someone can look into these problems as its an issue that makes certain passives usable in a way where you cant die and also some passives will kill you if you don’t have way to much regen, just seems like the lich tree is broken at the moment…sorry again for the lengthy post.

Lengthy post is fine. But paragraphing it makes it so much more readable.

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