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Achievments/Steam Trading Cards

Hello!Been enjoying the game since Alpha and seen lots of changes on it!Recently I wondered if the game will get achievements and trading cards on steam!Both would be a nice addition on the final product in my opinion cause they would reward the player for things he is doing in game!

Hi there!

Achievements are planned. I don’t think we’ve reached a decision on trading cards.

I see and the achievments are going to come earlier than the realese,or with the game realese?Cause I can see that they aren’t in the 4 phases that you guys announced!Also it would be really nice to get some cards and have the badges and wallpappers in our steam profiles to represent the game!

I never understood what those Cards are for, is it just a collectible Thing on top of achievements?
(A bit off-Topic, but maybe I can resolve an old question of mine :smiley: )

So the steam trading card are cards that randomly drom in your steam inventory after playing the game for a while(The drop rate also get influenced by your steam level)They have a limit so usually a game can give you 4 drops and then you will need to trade for the other cards of the set to create a badge!That badge is the collectible in the situation(also drops emoticons and wallpappers and some time a discount for another steam game also exp)If now you don’t care about those you can put the cards up for sale getting a small amount of money in your steam wallet

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Will achievements be inbuilt into the game or only available through steam? I tend to not play this game on steam, I use the game launcher. That being said is there a command or some way to check total play time on your account?

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