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Account Name Change

Wanting to know if there is a way to change my account name.
Not entirely sure why I used my full name way back when I bought the Alpha ( possible intoxication i’m sure lol )
Was in chat and realized the goof I had made lol…

So if there is a way please direct me to the steps please.

Hi there,

Please e-mail about this.

We’re unfortunately not able to assist with such issues via our public forum.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about this some more…

Did you send us an e-mail approximately nine minutes prior to creating this forum post? A member of our team attempted to respond to it, however we received a notification that the e-mail bounced due to the e-mail address not being reachable. The e-mail address in question began with “Outlook_” followed by a long series of letters and numbers.

If you’re using some kind of app or program to send e-mails, I would suggest trying to log into your e-mail account just using your web browser and the official website for that service. If you’re already doing so, you may wish to investigate your account settings to see if you can resolve the issue. Failing that, please contact us via an alternative account.

Closing thread due to inactivity.