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Abyssal Echoes: Melee enemies glitches and stops in place

As title says, when using abyssal echoes melee enemies stop in place and starts glitching or simply stopping in place. When glitching they’re kind of looking like they’re entering and exiting their movement animation really fast on repeat. This repeats until they die, the player character gets close enough for them to hit or the duration of the spell ends. In case of when getting close enough for them to hit you, they again start glitching or just stopping when you’ve exited their range.

I haven’t figured why some enemies glitch and some just stop. It doesn’t seem to be a matter of which type of enemy it is. With a group of the same enemy type affected by abyssal echoes at the same time, some can stop while others can glitch or all of them either glitch or just stop.

As far as I can tell all melee enemies, including bosses, are affected by this. I’ve tested against various enemies in the ancient, imperial and ruined era so far.

Unfortunatly the issue is not really captured well on a screenshot.

Imgur link to passives and abyssal echoes skill tree: (17.5 KB) le_graphicsmanager.ini (375 Bytes) output_log.txt (47.0 KB)

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