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About the archive location?

Why didn’t I have my role after I installed the game login account on my new computer yesterday?
Isn’t there an official database for account information? Because you want to enter an account password

Hi! Sorry about that; you got snagged by a spam filter. It shouldn’t happen again.

Are you referring to your characters? While the alpha does have authentication which occurs server-side, actual gameplay is currently primarily client-side; and thus characters are stored locally on your computer. After logging in you can literally turn off your modem, and with some obvious exceptions (e.g. chat) the game will work just fine.

Can you tell me where to archive? How can I find it?? Because I need to run both places in my work… I hope I can update the characters into my USB at any time~ with continuation
Although currently only the test phase:

Of course. :slight_smile:

We support Windows, Linux, and macOS. Could I please ask which Operating System you use?

Windows 7、windows 10

Again, where is the archive?

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