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About applying dots

if i use poison spell and say on staff i have 200% ignite chance on hit will poison spell also apply poison and ignite?

Depend on the spell, some spells do not “hit”, the spell need to have an “impact hit” that hitted the mob.

Some stuff for example ground effects that persist etc. do not “hit”

Other than that the spell needs some fire damage to even have the chance to apply ignite.

I don’t have any endgame viable Ailment Character atm, so if im mistaken someone coudl correct me but i am 99% sure it works that way.

To summurize: You Need initial Hit which at least 1 fire Damage, then based on that hit’s Chance to ingite your increased ignite Chance is calculated.

It was about acolyte spell soul feast i think is called. That spell do necro dmg but also have in spell three node wich give u % chance for poison. So if that spell can do only necro why then that type of node for % chance for poison? Spells can do 2 type of dmg only if some node give this possibility in spell three from that spell? Sry my eanlish isnt so good.

The initial hit does dmg, which works with added X dmg of Y type

Thnx :smile:

No, you just need a hit, the damage done & damage type thereof is irrelevant. As long as the skill you’re using doesn’t have the “damage over time” tag & you have a chance to inflict an ailment (poison, ignite, etc) then you can inflict an ailment.

Ok sorry i think i worded that poorly.

My 1 fire damage example was for the ignite chance that he asked for in OP.

So for his case his poison spell hit has poison chance, but to also ignite the target he also needs fire damage on the initial hit(so for my example + 1 added fire Damage)

Yeah, that’s the bit that’s wrong. You don’t need fire damage on a hit to ignite (in LE, you do in PoE). I just tested it on my Ignite Pally with the basic attack & ~73% chance to ignite on hit, no added fire damage & it ignited the training dummy.

Well now i am ashamed, to be honest i never did play a ailment build.
Thanks for getting that straight.

Anyway, Question of OP is answered then.

So then on spell tree of soul feast dont need to take nodes wich give me % poison chance i can have let say on staff 100% poison chance on hit and then initial hit with soul feast will apply necro dot and poison dot? So with 1 spell eaven his main dmg is necro i can apply 2 difrent dots?

Shame that this game doesnt have combat log like WOW so u can check what type dmg u deal to monsters. I eaven in suggestions did make post if they can implement combat log. With combat log there would not be need for this post :smile:

You can apply multiple stacks of each DOT per hit if you got more than 100% chance.

Well, you could do as you say & not bother with the skill nodes for increased poison chance, but as Kotli says chances above 100% can apply multiple stacks of poison (200% = 2 stacks) & poison is more effective with more stacks as it has a “7% increased poison damage taken per stack of poison” inherent modifier (so if your poison did 100 damage per stack, 2 stacks would do 214 damage per tick, not 200). Therefore getting more stacks of poison is always a good thing & if you have nodes on a skill that give chance to poison & you’re going down the poison route then those nodes are usually a good idea.

Skills that hit can apply as many ailments as you have the % chance to apply. So if you had 100% chance to poison, ignite, bleed & chill, any skill that hits would apply 1 stack of poison, ignite, bleed & chill per hit.

Thnx now i understand.