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A Teaser for the Upcoming Skill 'Disintegrate'

Spoil sport :wink:


I make no judgement, I just want to point out that in it’s current form and title it is identical to the Diablo 3 Wizard skill.

Would you mind elaborating on that?

As presented here, it is a channeled piercing beam with the name Disintegrate. Which is identical to the Diablo 3 Wizard skill in basic function and name.

Teleport, Skeleton, Meteor, just to name a few :slight_smile: I see no Problem with taking awesomeness.

Hydra skill for mage ftw!! Take the best and make it better. :smiley:

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Looking at beam skills in the genre;

I’m honestly unaware of a single beam skill which isn’t channeled. How would you control when it stops being cast (important due to mana drain) ? How would a mouse and keyboard player move in one direction while aiming the beam in another?

Going back to the original comment;

I mean, sure, but… the skill is a staple of the genre.

Torchlight had a ‘channeled piercing beam’ skill years before Diablo III even entered beta. I acknowledge that the skill has the same name in Last Epoch as it does in Diablo III - though it’s not uncommon for there to be some naming overlap when more than a half dozen games in the genre all have what is, fundamentally, the same skill. The most infamous example of this is perhaps ‘Fireball’ - innovated upon by Diablo II, which had… ‘Fire Ball’.


I think there are more interesting questions like:

  1. When will we see a skill tree preview of Disintegrate?
  2. Will there be a skill tree node that will convert the damage to cold?

Unfortunately the tree for Disintegrate has already been designed - and largely implemented.

I’m so glad that this kind of skill arrives here too, and I hope maybe even to see it supported with some set that enhances its abilities, and to turn it into a very efficient build, I look forward to it =)

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i mean if you wanna get really technical Sarno disintegrate should be more along the lines of removed a 4x4x4 cube out of target unless a save throw is successful.

fireball launches a small pearl sized ball of fire at target when the pearl hits its target it explodes in a fireball doing 1d6 per level to a max 10d6 save for half damage. then there is delayed blast fireball.

To sit here an compare the name of “spells” in game you could literally go all the way back to D And D and they have just about every single spell covered. why are people splitting hairs over the name and design of a spell that has been pretty much the same for 20+years?

On another note will we be able to change the damage type for Disintegrate?

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I can’t offer an ETA, but I’d definitely like to post one if the timing ends up working for us!

(I checked and currently the root node on the tree is called ‘Judgement’, and the description is comprised of Lorem Ipsum - so we can probably rule out it happening today. :stuck_out_tongue:)

By default, Disintegrate is a Fire / Lightning hybrid skill.

There will be options on the specialization tree to go all in on one of these elements, but we don’t plan for the tree to introduce additional damage types such as Cold or Void.


Booh all those modern day PC games that stole their skill ideas from ages old P&P rpgs. Noone neeeds to invent the wheel again because it works just fine. Just use what everyone likes and put your own touch on it.

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