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A Teaser for the Upcoming Skill 'Disintegrate'

In a future patch we will be implementing the Sorcerer skill Disintegrate and its specialization tree! By default Disintegrate is a hybrid skill which deals both Fire and Lightning damage.

Disintegrate is a channeled ability which inherently pierces enemies. It is considered to be a Spell and does not have any innate Damage Over Time component.

The specialization tree for Disintegrate is currently in the design phase. Due to the unique properties of this skill making its implementation more difficult than most, we are not yet ready to confirm which patch it will be part of. Let us know whether you’d be interested in us posting a preview of this skill’s tree on our website prior to releasing it in a patch!

As an aside, we had previously shown off Static before announcing that during our playtesting we had chosen to withhold the skill to work on improvements to it. We continue to iterate on both Static and its tree, and they will be included as part of a future content patch.


THAT’S cool! I wanna use it just for its looks.


It’d be cool if there was a node that pushed you back as you used it, so you could move while casting it.


Looks good and yes I for one would love to see the tree. Would be great if the Lightening Blast rework was at the same time.

Patch 0.7.4 introduces the new interface settting ‘Skill Name Reminders’!

We’d love to know what you think. :slight_smile:


This is quality content right here.


Can I see a lightening version Sam? :wink:

Sarno was worried this would be too shocking.


Love this skill! And think it will probably feel better in a slower pace game like LE compared to POE. Looking forward to trying it out!


I want to try this scorching ray right now :cowboy_hat_face:

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Not gonna lie, gang. This is one of my new favorites.


I’m really interested in seeing a preview of the tree when its ready, I love skills like this!

looks amazing and of course, do a preview :slight_smile:

This is really cool, I am looking forward to trying it.

I do have a question though. I recently saw that I could make Fireball into a beam-like ability within the specialization. I am curious because this ability seems pretty close to fireball as a channel we already have. Other than the fact that it is both fire/lightning and doesn’t have a drag effect, i wondering what will happen in the specialization to make it more niche.

Are you referring to Fireball’s Flamethrower node?

That’s not a beam so much as a bursty ‘machine gun’ type of ability. The two do feel very different in practice. To offer one example - when turning your character, with Fireball / Flamethrower you turn rapidly but the projectiles may not hit enemies. With Disintegrate you turn a little more slowly, but the beam is going to sweep over every enemy in its path.

It’s definitely a good concern to raise - and I would be interested in your feedback after having played with both - but it’s not a problem we’ve had internally so I’m not currently worried. :slight_smile:


That looks awesome! Are we going to get a cone beam? Multiple beams? I want to channel my inner Kamehameha!

One of the nodes on the tree is tentatively named this.

(If I get my way, it won’t be by the time we release it in a patch.)

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LOL you better preview the skill right now asap :slight_smile:
and yes, please add skill name reminders and keep them in game yes!

Can’t wait, this was one of my favorite skills in D3, but it wasn’t done justice there. Looking forward to trying this out!

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WOW - to be honest, mage has always been my favourite in most RPG games. And the wizard felt like something was missing all the time, I played him the least (one lvl 70). The skills and passives are just as awesome as it can be for a game where you have the kind of choices as with LE! But something - for my taste - was missing to make it an interesting play-style-character.

Disentigrate looks like a changer! :smiley: a head-on playstyle-mage. awesome!

Also looking forward for more kite playstyle-mage and the skills yet to come! Awesome guys