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A suggestion: change appearance of some weapon to match their name

Equipments and weapons is an important element in a Looter ARPG game. Last Epoch has a rich base weapon types, and many of the weapons are named after historical weapons. This is a nice feature imho, reminds me of good old Diablo 2.

An issue is, a few of the weapons’ appearance just not match their name, especially after the weapon model updates in Patch [0.7.2], which is immersion breaking.

Here are some of the weapons that I suggest to change their appearance:

This is not a Great Mace

While this one is not a Stone Hammer but some kind of mace…

This is not a Claymore

This one doesn’t look like a Zweihander

This is not a Pike but some kind of halberd…

The general art quality in Last Epoch is quite nice. Hope these weapons can get some proper graphical in the future!

I also notice some Sceptres has same appearance of some One Handed Blunt Weapons, I suggest to change the appearance of these Sceptres too.


Missing more realistic animations according to weapon … overall lacking better animations and graphics to take full potential gameplay

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I agree, some of them are still placeholder though.

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A lot of the item names are currently placeholder. The Acolyte’s Sceptre and Iron Sceptre will be changed in 0.7.4, and there will be more substantial item name/art passes in later patches.


yeah noticed this to hehe but then i think hey its beta they will chance it in future

Good call. I dont mind playing a game which also educate me on the proper names of the weapons in real life :slight_smile:

Good to see @Trasochi clarifications. Looking forward to the polish down the road!

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Hi @Trasochi. Thanks for the reply.

I’m a bit worried after I search on Unity3d Assetstore today. I found that many new (after 0.7.2) weapon models in Last Epoch are actually from Unity3d Assetstore artist Don_Falcon’s work.

No offence, I know it is totally legal to use these purchased assets in game, but it is worrisome that if Last Epoch don’t have its own 3D artist to create its original equipment arts.

Are they place holders? Maybe, as the game is still in Beta phrase, but that would be weird as you “update” these models in patch 0.7.2 and replace the old ones deliberately. In my opinions, the old weapon models may not be perfect, maybe a bit too “cartoonish”, but still they’re something unique and original. So I don’t understand why do you replace them with purchased art assets.

P.S. I don’t write this to complain, I’m just curious on Last Epoch’s status.

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Asset trading is something completely normal these days. I’m happy about every bit of work they can save themself and put into other places where it’s needed.

I think you raised a valid concern. Not really trying to defend the devs but just offering some perspective.

LE is developing at a breakneck pace and gave a very ambitious release date (Apr 2020) from when they launched their kickstarter basically from ground zero a little over a year ago. They’ve also said LE is a game they want to work on for the long haul.

I believe the gameplan is always to focus their 3D artists resources (which is still very limited) on the most important assets and use premades wherever they can in the short term to show they can deliver a compelling and unique ARPG experience, then continuously improve/create their own assets in the longer term.


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