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A Study In Time upstairs doors bug

Hi, I’m having trouble completing the A Study In Time quest. I’m able to get in past the foyer and upstairs, but can’t go through the two doors. I tried exiting and restarting the game and teleporting out and back, but to no avail. The cursor doesn’t even highlight them.

I’m running Linux Mint 19.1 with an AMD Radeon RX460 GPU. Thanks!

Is there someone else on the other side preventing your entry?

Maybe you can get in sometime in the future, they can’t stay in there forever can they?

Yes, that’s why reading the quest tends to help. PEBKAC.

Not that I can tell.

No need to be rude.

I see now, you have to break down the door. Still, I would think the cursor would have to highlight the door, as I saw in a couple quest walkthroughs on YouTube. Delete this thread if needed, but this strikes me enough as a bug, being awake enough to read a quest or not.

These doors highlight and open when clicked in version 0.7.7.

Unfortunately we have not been able to release 0.7.7 for Linux yet-- we upgraded our engine, but there’s now a game-breaking conflict on Linux between the engine and a piece of software we use. We’re waiting to receive an update for that software before we can prepare a Linux release.

Thanks for the report, and sorry for the delay!

Thanks for the reply, and all your hard work!

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