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A Sneak Peek at the Graphical Improvements in Patch 0.7.2


Patch 0.7.2 features sweeping improvements to the graphical quality of Last Epoch. We’re using higher quality textures, improved lighting, better post-processing, and more! We’ve also worked hard to ensure the character models stand out better.

Here’s a small preview to keep you going. We’ll have more to show off soon!

The current appearance of The Imperial Dreadnaught.


The appearance of The Imperial Dreadnaught in 0.7.2.

Patch Preview: Beta 0.7.2

Like, whoa.
Great job guys!


Great stuff! Get the patch out already!!


Never thought I could have so much fun when the multiplayer part and chat is not even up yet, great job and the final product will be smashing for sure.


Chat is available.

Is it not working for you? Have you tried restarting the game client?


Oh so it’s working, OK, thanks will try that. :grinning:

But anyways, i’m having so much fun that there’s no time to talk :stuck_out_tongue:


looks great:)


Well it won’t matter to me because I can only play on lowest graphic settings. :frowning:


This improvement looks great. Keep up the good work.


Wow it looks like a completely different game. I’m waiting on this patch to come back so hopefully its only a few more weeks away. But now I can see why its taking a while, I didn’t think the patch would have something this major.


Amazing Work!
I’ve to admit, while i’m in general not an “Graphic W****” i’ had to say that in the Pre-Alpha Demo i found the Game not really visually Appealing. I did know / understand it was Pre-Alpha and it can change over the Developement Period, but mostly for an Indie-Game it’s not everytime an guarantee for that to happen and even more, to change so drastically like in this example. If you keep improving the Game, i really need to consider to expand my top 3 most favorite Hack’N’Slay / ARPG Game(Series) to a Top 5 thanks to Last epoch!


Looking gooood ;o)


That’s a really good improvement.


I LOVE this change, I was secretly waiting for it, and it looks amazing.


My honest opinion is, it does not look better. More modern, yes. But not “better”.

First thoughts when I saw the 2 pics: (as they appear in the browser, like 50% size or so, so no texture details visible)

The upper picture:
The general appearence/atmosphere etc instantly reminded me of the castle levels in the beginning of Dark Souls 1, which are in my opinion the best levels of the whole series due to (among other things) atmosphere and closeness to real architecture (and hence immersion)

The lower picture
Reminded me of those mobile games: . There are like ten of them (zombie version, medieval version, and so on, probably same engine?). not really positive feelings.

some more detailed thoughts:

  • Moss on the roof(?)/walls (upper pic.) is nice and contributes atmosphere.

  • There seems to be a nonsensical lightsource at the character in the lower picture (I could’t care less that for reason unknown it became genre standard). This strongly hurts the overall realism feeling. Just from the light situation: In the upper picture, I could imagine standing on a tower and watching just such a scence. In the lower picture I can’t. It just doesn’t fit. It looks like it is happening in a cellar and the character has an invisible(??) miners lamp.

  • Also related to this: There is fog in the upper picture which gets stronger (my impression) the more distant it is from the viewer. This contributes a lot to the atmosphere for me and it supports that feeling that one is actually looking at the scene for real.

  • On the contrary the lower picture looks really clear, polished and modern. It doesn’t look mossy and dirty. It looks much more computer-game-like (or even mobile game like) than the upper picture. Check the wood/wall next to the lower light in the lower picture: To me it looks like it’s made of silicon or wax.

  • Further thinking and looking, i found that the light color in the upper picture is a factor. The light temperature in the upper picture is much warmer. The lower picture has more cold lights which give it a modern atmosphere (hospital, LED lamps)
    The light in the upper picture feels more cosy, oldschool, medieval.

  • Whats really nice in the lower picture is the wooden floor. (Of course the pieces are a bit oversized but not so much that it would matter in any way.)
    The wooden floor (actually the damage of it) kind of saves a little bit the atmosphere. Sadly, it seems that most other things are not damaged in any way. The lower picture doesn’t feel coherent to me (the upper does)

  • Of course from technical points of view the lower picture is much better, sharper textures. correct shadows etc. but it can’t really compete with the overall atmosphere of the upper picture.


I think more effort should be put into optimizing the game so that we can even see the “good graphics”, instead of changing them. Games like Path of Exile, Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, Black Desert Online, Diablo 3, League of Legends, etc. have great graphics that I can see easily on my computer. It’s not outdated with a bad graphics card or anything like that. There’s something wrong with THIS game that needs to be FIXED. I almost didn’t even buy the game because of hearing about it but I realized I could probably still play it anyway if I worked around it and I was right.

Anywho, in my eyes, the graphics look WAY worse than older games like ArcheAge and League of Legends. That’s my two cents.


Ohhhhh that looks soo cool!


can you optimize the game more. the slow down when tons of stuff on screen sucks


YES! THIS is what we need.


I disagree, i’d rather have them focusing on developing the Game first and do polishing/optimizing at the End (of the Beta) so it doesn’t uneccessary stretch the Developement Time as many other Early Access Game. I’d rather have the Game finished sooner, than cater an Audience who don’t understand the concept behind Early Access and expect it to polished / optimizied in the midst of developing…