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A question about increasement to casting rate and attack speed

Some skills are hard to figure wich one they scale of.

Skill like vengence are easy. They are taged Physical, Melee, Strenght. So I’m sure it scales of faster attack speed.

But a skill like flame reave. taged Fire, Melee, Int, Dex…

Does it benefit from casting speed or attack speed ?

Also, I’m woundering if my weapon damage will count or only + magical damage ?

Hey :slight_smile: If you hover over the skill you can see rather its melee or a spell. Spells benefit from cast speed, and melee skills benefit from attack speed. Flame reave is a melee attack, and therefore benefits from attack speed :slight_smile:

All wep damage does count on melee skills, and all additional damage to spells, does only count with spells. Since flame reave is a melee skill, it only gets benefit from additional dmg to melee, and not spells :slight_smile: Hopes it makes sense.

Edit: And if melee or spell is not stated, both spells and melee benefits from it

So if I have a 10dmg melee weapon with +4 cold dmg and +10% spell damage.

Reave would benefit only from the 10dmg and the +4 cold damage but not the +10% spell damage ?

Does it benefit from the + elemental damage passive from the mage tree ?

Yes that is correct, flame reave would benefit from the 10dmg, +4 cold dmg but not the spell damage. There is however some melee skils that have passive nodes that stacks on spell dmg, just be a aware of that. Like mana strikes lightning storm, stacks on spell dmg, even though, it’s procced by a melee skill. And flame reave does benefit from elemental dmg from mage tree, as long it does not specify that it is only for spells .

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