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A few small improvements

I had a few ideas for little improvements while playing this patch. None of those is big enough to warrant a thread of its own, hence i have bundled them here.

  • The egg-quest (“To shell with it”.)
    Please let a few more eggs spawn. With every single one of my characters i was searching for one or two crabeggs for a few minutes, wich is a tad annoying.

  • The waypoints in the monolith-worldmap
    Please make those a bit bigger. Or a lot bigger. They are very fiddely to click on, even when you are fully zoomed in. Imho the best would be to give waypointfunctionality to the entire zone instead of only to the tiny blue circle of the actual waypoint.

  • Graceperiod/Gracezone
    Please give us something like that when entering a new monolith timeline. One of my characters is a lich, wich is basically unkillable outside of arena once the combat has started. But due to all the lifedrain from items and passives she starts a zone with a whopping 96 of her almost 3k hp filled. Hence, when the mobs get the first hit, she falls over. She died immediately out of the loadingscreen two or three times, while conquering the monolith, without dying to anything else ever. When she gets the first hit, she’s fine.
    There are quite a few quest echos, where you spawn more or less in the middle of a pack, hence getting five seconds or a squarecentimetre of invulnerability would be very helpful.

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good suggestions. i would add to the “to shell with it” idea: we should be able to gather the eggs before talking to the NPC to trigger the quest. as someone who levels a lot of alts, this zone gives me the most frustration. i like to figure out the most efficient way to run through the game and avoid as much backtracking as possible, and this zone makes it really annoying to do that. we can pick up the moon altar fragments before entering the temple (although we don’t get quest markers on the map for them if we don’t trigger the quest first), so i don’t see why we have to walk all the way to the starving man to start picking the eggs up.

it may not make much sense if a new player accidentally picks up the eggs and has no idea what they’re for, but since they don’t take up inventory space, i don’t think it’ll be a huge issue. we’ll certainly see fewer questions about that in chat than we do for “how do i choose my mastery?” :laughing:

the quest could show up on the quest tracker when you pick up an egg cluster and say something like “find a use for the crab eggs” and then when the NPC asks for the eggs we can have an option that says “you’re in luck, i gathered some on my way!” or something.


I skip every quest in the game that doesn’t give a skill point or any meaningful reward and apart from Idol/Skill point rest are arguably a waste of time

and this crab quest is the most time consuming quest in the whole game for something like 1% xp at lvl 52

So my advice instead of improving the quality of life just make them actually worth doing. I cant understand why developers spend lots of time coding things that are simply a waste of time and players will eventually ignore their existence

I tested a Sabretooth Ice cat with 500% minion damage/spell damage etc and couldn’t even kill 2 mobs in lvl 100 zone without dying in 3 hits - whats the point?

But apart from the sailors and sirens quest that starts from one entrance to the zone (and if you enter via the other entrance you don’t trigger the quest and therefore don’t have enough mobs left) every other quest can be done by just running through the zone killing stuff.

I don’t think I will ever get the viewpoint that some players have that treats a game like a job & requires them to run through it as efficiently as possible otherwise they are “wasting time”. On a game. But to each their own…

As to the Sabertooth, I suspect you’re doing it wrong. @boardman21

what am i doing wrong with the sabertooth?

You aren’t but apparently @Shrukn is & you’re more into your soap-dodging Primalists than I am so I thought you might be able to give him a hand.

i’d need more information about this, but saber is defintely capable of clearing level 100 monos, Your dying or your companion is dying?