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2H 100% everything werebear Build!

People Been Asking and here it is! The wave 200+ 2H 100% crit 100% uptime 100% GB 100% crit resist 84-88% resist much higher damage solo companion werebear! Went a little deeper into both how to “leech” mana and cast roots from werebear skill tree and how passive point counter work on mastery passive tabs
Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Can’t kepp up with all your builds - so hard deciding what class I like the best


Thats the point :slight_smile:

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I for some reason only can keep werebear going 95% not 100% - there are some times where I got back to human while doing timeline runs. Not sure if I am doing anything wrong

Timeline can be trickier since there more running you do harder to stay in roots. Try to mob groups always try to hut at least 2 mobs at a time and as mana runs down you can stay in one spot and just keep casting roar. Or if your bot in a danger zone just revert back. But as long as you dint attack Dodge affix mobs and always hit 2 or more mobs you should never revert

Ahhh cool good to know

For Swipe, what do you think about moving two points from ‘Battle Howl’ to ‘Claws of Stone’ and ‘Avatar of the Wild’? Since Swipe looks like it will provide a vast majority of the damage, an extra 4% per Attunement point at all times seems like a decent QoL change. Unless global damage increase has some funky scaling, even the base Attunement points for the build (12) would provide the same damage boost (48%) without needing a full 8 stacks (and for only 4 secs). You’d get more damage up front, with the full potential at just 4 stacks instead of 8.
Additionally, you’d have a melee totem dropping for a little extra damage here and there. Thoughts?

Also, thanks for all the builds you post, very helpful!

The 4% attunement node has been proven to only work while not in werebear form. Wgile in werebear form you alread get 4% damage per attunement so it wont doubke dip

Ahh, well that’s a bummer. Ok then, maxed Battle Howl it is. Thanks for the quick response!

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