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200+ Waves 100% SSF, Beginner Friendly Solo Bone Golem Necromancer

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Hello, this is Dr3ad, from Apprentice’s Corner, in today’s forum topic, we are going to discuss the updated version of this build, StormQuake's Rambo Bone Golem Necromancer | Patch 7.9c , after Storm and I finished the build, we quickly realized there were a lot of optimizations missing, and that is what this is, the pure optimized, ssf friendly way of running a solo bone golem in Patch 7.9.

Build Concept

So the concept of the build is we use the node in Bone Golem

in combination with this node from Rip Blood

so we always proc a bone nova on hit, which then gets boosted by these nodes in


and the node in dread shade

to combine to make pretty strong crits.

Skill Tree

Gear I used during the 200+ Wave Push


BIS Idols

Its actually a pretty unique build and cool build

Whats your knowledge on ‘Minion Spell Damage %’?

Apparently Minion Spell damage is multiplicative and Minion Damage is additive according to some random in chat the other day

The only thing I would look to do is stack Leviathan affix on every gear piece you can and just run massive HP and no resistance, since you recover quick with Rip Blood anyway, doesn’t seem any point in mitigating damage other than a higher HP pool, the Golem generates threat meaning you only need to avoid occasional damage

I don’t play Arena though so don’t really care about setups for that

Minion spell damage should work the same as any other affix, any amount inside a skill is “more”, any outside a skill is “increased”. Anything else is probably a bug.

Hey, could you please update the guide with screenshot of Passives also?