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160+ MoF Streak Necro Build

Here’s the build that we pushed to a streak of 164 in the monolith of Fate
Its an updated version (different skills/slightly different gear) Than the 150k Ward necro posted a week ago(we hit 200k ward at one point with this build)


Hey there. Nice Build. I currently Play it and im Level 66. my Question is How do you get so many Wraiths? And how do you get so much ward? I Roughly get 1k ward…


More minion health/ health regen = more wraiths.
Rip blood targets minions and more int = more ward

Even after 164 runs, Item Rarity at only 249%.

Not as high as I thought it would be, considering the strength of the modifiers!

Nice run.

which timeline are you on? on the level 100 timeline item rarity was easily over 1000% by 150 streak

In your vid.

The text on the right says “249% increased item rarity”. But the modifier numbers are huge!

Is that a clip of 164?

I think the recording in the video are much closer to about 40

Also this build and recording was dons last patch in old arena. The item rarity scales higher now so that same 250% now would be over 500%

Thanks for that, makes a bit more sense now.

Well enjoy it while it last :D.

Thanks man for your answer! Appreciated

Oh I am!!

Just a heads up there is a much newer build video on this build that does even more crazier things and clears mono faster

I was hoping to stream it but I have internet issues atm

I’ve been getting a bit bored of the Sentinel at the moment so I thought I’d try something with Pyromancers (because pretty, it’s just a pity I missed out on the “fire projectiles are replaced with pink effects”) & Bone Curse instead of Summon Skellies for the freeze chance and cull.

After a bit of thinking, my thoughts are that since you’re going to be having Wraiths dieing all over the shop, why not try a few points in

  • Mania of Mortality for more free ward, plus it opens up Unnatural Preservatin for more ward retention
  • Dance with Death, since Bone Curse damage counts as your damage any mobs it kills with cull should count as your kills so no need for poison, but you may then need to buff your spell damage. And I was intending to use the Last Steps of the Living boots to buff my freeze multi to make it easier for the Bone Curse freeze node to freeze stuff
  • Life Drinker/Soul Drinker, probably a few points here for more ward, may not be necessary
  • Mark of Punishment, again, if Wraiths are dieing all over the place, why not try & get free Marked for Death out of it
  • Veins of Malice, since it’s current health, it should be fairly cheap & if you’re spamming spells, maybe 1-2 points would be enough

Edit: I’m not quite sure how you deal with the mana cost of summoning wraiths & spamming Rip Blood (even at a net 3 mana per cast) though.

Well several things. This build is from last patch before bone curse existed. Rip blood gives you 30-100k ward within just a couple seconds lol. Minion health seemed more important that getting a little more ward retention or ward itself. The mark of death could be good. And as for the mana scepter should give 0 mana cost but also you can get 6 mana per minion hit with rip blood thats how it stayed full.

More slightly random questions. :smiley: Do Skellie Mages use your Sacrifice when spec’d for Macabre Waltz (can cast sacrifice on Wraiths)? I would assume not since the devs have said that minions can’t cast your skills (which is a pity 'cause that would add even more dps & make me wonder about taking Sacrifice rather than Transplant).

Edit: No they don’t. :frowning:

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