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100% Uptime Werebear 100% Crit Updated

100% Uptime Werebear 100% Crit Updated For Patch 0.7.8c
New Passives Trees New Chest New Helm!


Thanks. I’ll give it a try, respeccing/gearing an old char :slight_smile:
Could you write down some of the Items, which you’ve haven’t shown in the video?

Missing Jade Amulett, Right Gold Ring, Boots & Relic

Thanks again for your work!

Rings/Amulet/Relic all have set dodge/set elemental resist You can choose the suffic but i go with resist equally and dodge rating
Boots have set GB dodge and crit avoidance

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Great video! I’m curious as to why spell damage in werebear form… is swipe considered a spell or is it for the thorns totem?
Just realized its for the totems and roots…still trying to figure out how everything works together, I dont have everything he has in the video

Its because of these 2 nodes in Werebear form Wizened Claws (spell damage -> melee damage) and Star Claw (spell damage -> Crit strike chance).

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maybe i missed something but the shapeshifter stay 12sec and if you don’t back to human form you doesn’t take buff again. In this case why doesn’t choose to use point in other place?

yeah I dont get that ether. Maybe foolish of me but i didnt take those tallents. I like to make my own builds but it deffinitely helped seeing how to get GB and CA to 100%

It’s a nice little buff if you can shift forms without problems. The only downside I see is that shifting back to human form isn’t benefiting from it but i think that’s something only I find strange ^^.

How you using Thorn Totems as I cant see anything that casts them.

Idols. Idols have "% chance to summon thorn totems on hit

Why do you take primal shifter ? if you always stay in bear form you don’t get the buff or did i miss something ?

nope your correct. I just wanted to try out the new nodes :slight_smile:

For Star Claw - where/how are you stacking spell damage?

Chest piece helm and idols. New affixes on chest and helm give spell damage

Hello , i am following your guide here and am still at 40 , is it still 100% uptime viable , as i am still unable to keep werebear form on for long fights?!

Yes just make sure you get 100% crit

thanks m8 , so i get mellee critical chance up to 100% , clear , is there a chance you can drop us a gearplanner link for your gear to better get a grasp of where you added mellee crit on your gear :smiley: also , since we will be in werebear form all the way , is it necessery to add primal shifter and turtle form ? if not , what do u recomend instead of it , thanks again for the wonderfull guide :slight_smile:

Can you link your gear please - I am not seeing where you are getting your 100% crit from. It’s likely my misunderstanding of mechanics.

Thanks in advance- great video.

100% crit is coming from all the spell damage.

Oh I’m totally seeing it now- its from the Star Claw node in Werebear. totally makes sense now- thanks for replying. I will give this a go. I was using another version of this build but your looks more sustainable.
Thanks again