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100+ Minion Unlimited Mana Build 0.7.10

Its BACK! 100+ minions! UNLIMITED mana! Capped resist! 6k+ Armor! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Glad to see you’re leading the way in finding ways to break the devs intended balance. :wink:

I didn’t realise you could get mana from Drain Life, looks like a nice way of getting the mana to use Sacrifice (with Dread Shade spec’d for casting Sacrifice to get more explosions) & spam it on your minions.

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More ideas :slight_smile:

I’m in the “middle” of retooling a level 60ish necro to try this build. Thus far it hasn’t been very fruitful. My main question is what are the keys to getting the big number of wraiths? Thus far I think I’ve had a max of about 15 and that took a lot of adjustment just to get there. With the relatively low number of wraiths, I’m having trouble killing stuff quickly.

I realize I am likely missing some important skill nodes (or maybe some passives?), but there doesn’t seem to be anything really obvious standing out. I noticed you don’t use the summon multiple wraiths nodes, so are you really manually summoning 100 times?

Yes I’m manually summoning one by one. Its much faster as you can get very fast cast speed. The key to getting so many is to make them all putrid wraiths you will need idols. Then lots of minion health and minion health regen

Ahhh OK thanks! I don’t have any of the putrid idols. The other big thing I was missing was the mana node on Drain Life, that helped a lot.

I’ve shelved him for now as I got distracted by your machine gun Spriggan lol.

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You should rename the build !

the concept is simple “Less FPS for Mor DMG”


while that is 1 problem, my title states a completely different one. Neither should happen.

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Hehe anyway thanks for this build =) i was question myself about what would be more fun this one or your wolf pack 250k build…

(hum… I see a video of streamer freezing his screen and one shoted a boss next step over ride your memory and one shot the game)

Yeah, that build was pretty heavily nerfed (though there should be ways to mitigate the nerf some with dread shade).