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100% Crit 100% Uptime Werebear with solo companion build

Interested in this build as well. Any mana issues with Entangling Roots with the new patch?

Yes entangling roots doesnt overlap anymore (instead of being in 3 patches easily, its hard to be in 2!) so it is runnable but you have to pay much closer attention. Ill update this build soon

Thanks for the reply. Maybe I’ll wait for your update then.

Ill try and put it up tomorrow! just got down doing VK today.

Have you found the new Werebear related uniques/set items?

Boardman is there a build order int he skills ? I just hit 20.

No order you can do anything you thats easoest then switch to this

Your video is very helpful thank you.

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Hi, what idols did you use?

most likely crit chance/ physical damage/chance to summon thron totem on hit

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