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100% Crit 100% Uptime Werebear with solo companion build

Here’s a build video for those of you interested in a werebear

Correct me if I’m wrong but from the top of my heas “Werebear Swipe” has a baked in attunment conversion, so if you have almost 100% uptime the nodes for attunment is useless. If something has changed… my bad :D.

Im kind of confused by your message. Why would that nodebe useless? While in werebear form you use the swipe skill from you leveled up skill swipe.

What he means here is that you get no damage increase because in werebear form you get that node by default and it doesn’t double dip as far as I know.

I will test it, in werebear I do way more damage so this might account for it but I will test and let you guys know

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bear form is imo kinda broken in any case, it shouldn’t have a 100% uptime, druid tree itself provides such a great defensive and offensive nodes compared to sentinel ones, let alone the new aspects from beastmaster which you can also spec into (aspect of the boar) which is also kind of op imo

my biggest issue with druid/werebear however is that it feels odd to play as you literally kill your own tree synergy by making all your skills unusable. The werebear tree itself tries to compensate that a little on the left side, but spawning a totem on a ravage kill with a small % chance is literally garbage so the only options left is to go for uptime and defences which are both super powerful

imo the werebear form should somehow provide more synergy with your base choices of skills and not override them but i guess thats only me

I agree, I feel like each skill on the werebear should yabe its own tree just like swipe and weeebear itself tree should be used for things more along the lines of when going into when coming out of werebear form nodes. Also the CD of were bear should be reduced and the nodes o. Passive tree and mastery should last 4 seconds when coming out and going into a form not 2 seconds. This would make the build more diverse amd promote more shapeshiftimg in and out.

I say the same thing since Werebear is out. You waste a ton of skillpoints you’ll never use. Sure you have swipe and vines that work nicely but everything else is a joke. No benefits from movementskills for your bear charge skill, ravage is shitty overall and petskill interaction suxx big time. The ONLY very good thing about WB is the uptime you can achive because WB is a very nice statstick so to speak.

@boardman21 from my point of view it would be more fun to have options. Go with pets or go without pets without oone beeing far weaker then the other. Skilltrees for bear skills or more conversion like Bearswipe benefits from Swipe, charge from Leap and so on and so forth. If you want skills that are potent in human form you waste a ton of skillpoints and can’t use pet actives and that’s a shame.

I think the whole Druid theme needs a complete overhaul because as it is right now it just feels like a design hold togheter by patchwork while adding more and more patchwork to make it function differently or adding more functions.

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Well? To take the node or not take the node? Anybody else know the answer?

What node are we talking about?

Don’t take attunement node for Swipe (Avatar of the Wild) if you only use swipe in werebear form.

Oh that node yeah I forgot all about testing that ha. Is this 100% confirmed it doesmt double dip or should I test still?

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble. I’m getting close to mastery as druid.

I wouldn’t only use swipe though.

Taking or not taking this node wont change anything with you being a werebear
… Juat put into orher nodes in the swipe skill tree for now its not a make or break node

When I tested it few months ago (with ~50 attunement):

  • In human form the node gives you Attunement tag (4% inc dmg per point) for swipe and noticeable damage increase on dummy
  • In werebear form you already had Attunement tag for werebear swipe, node doesn’t change it. Also no noticeable damage increase on dummy

Thanks you two. I didn’t know there was a dummy to do testing on. doh!

yes you can find the dummy in both the end of times and the council chambers in the first era

Great build - occasionally ran out of mana but a very good build

as long as you have 100% crit and try and kite enemies to hit more than 1 at a time (for some reason this actually increases your mana) you can stay full