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10 $ price?

I know this pack is no longer available but what would be the point to pay more for less actually?
First actual price seems to be 35$ which is a huge step. But beta will be shorter now and that sounds irrelevant to pay more, no?
And, oh yes, what are these cosmetic points worth? Are 350 points worth the 35 bucks value? Are they worth 1/2 pet, maybe just a thong for our chr, or at least 2 complete outfits? What does that suppose to mean…plz?
I saw we have more “skullen” if we pay more, what’s the point to have these skullens and what is the point of them, plz?

If I’m not wrong the starting price will be $15.

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That sucks. I just bought the game yesterday for $35 :expressionless:

That lets you play the game now. Instead of waiting until the game actually releases. You also get $35 worth of cosmetic points and other pre release trinkets.

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I knew it cost more when I bought it, but thought it would be interesting to get since 1) If the price changes to something more expensive than 15, I would definitely lose out 2) The game itself looked very interesting with the way everything worked and reading through the reviews indicated that it was worth checking out. 3) I wanted to try it out now and not maybe 9 months from now if there is a delay for any reason like last minute polishing 4) If the game is good enough, it could use the extra money for support

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This forum can be hard to use. But I think you replied to the wrong poster :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s true. :slight_smile:

I’ve sunk enough hours into the game in the past two days that I already find it worth the $35 :smiley:

I think I’m one of those who bought this game at the lowest price.
**57 Turkish Lira = 8.7 Dolar (according to the current exchange rate) **
It was cheaper when I bought it.

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