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07.10 Devouring Orb - Robot Vacuum Cleaner VK

dammit… banging my head against a wall on that one, thought I was going senile swapping idols back and forth… should have just checked the forum. ;-(

Or asked in chat while I was on…

oh no, what have i been doing with my life?

Heya thanks!
I’ve just updated most of OP with updates for 7.10

The main additions are:
Inevitable revamp of gear mods for the new resists
Added armor shred (gloves & amu) and some crit chance

Changed Dev orb to include maxed Cosmic Impact (this would have prevented me so much frustration due to low dmg in 7.9 tbh)

I need to upload new vids, more to come


Was getting a little bored with my VK Rive build… might see if I can rework it to this one now that you updated it :wink:

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I’ve got a VK caster with a slightly different take on Devouring Orbs (way, way more orbs). I’ll probably do a build guide for it “soon”.

Not to steal anything from Zaen’s thread.


Oh well i had a nice streak that couldnt just be stopped

Happy to settle at 200+ for now as it proves the foundations of the build

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Well over 200 waves is a solid achievement mate (after they reworked the arena in 0.7.9 I think).

never understood Arena end-game but I have attempted it enough times to know 223 is a damn fine run that I will probably never get to, even if I used a carbon copy of your build…


Thanks both,
to answer to vapour:
well i kinda the same feelings for arena heh, it becomes a bit stupid after a while, too much kiting, it can get incredibly laggy, a serious attempt takes 1h+ (i’m always bored at w150ish).

The only good thing i can think of is that it’s some benchmark and it shows when some mobs are broken both in dmg numbers or if they cause performance lag, and the same for builds it outlines broken ones

Btw about devorbs I think that these make arena easier than normal as it is almost tailored for the kiting style needed at higher waves:
it shoots while moving,
it hits that little farther than melee contact, also while the char itself is moving,
it deals extra void rifts kill (that help making chainkills)

Just uploaded the raw clip, that i’ll put in the OP

Cant believe I just watched 20minutes of a guy kiting around mobs! I need to get a life…


Great run… I just dont have the patience for it… :wink: