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0.7.8 - Redundant Nodes in Volcanic Orb & Lightning Blast?

Now that Mages have the Rune of Winter passive (converts Lightning Blast & Volcanic Orb to cold for 1 pt with additional freeze rate multiplier for additional points), does that make the Frozen Orb (VO) and Supercharged Floes (LB) nodes redundant?

Just to note - SF also converts shock chance from the tree to chill chance and gives freeze rate +46. FO has no additional benefit.

For LB: Does the SF freeze rate (since it’s phrased as additive) stack with the freeze rate of RoW? Or are they both considered as setting the base freeze rate?


It does seem redundant but if you want to change only one skill to ice, its nice for the option to be in the skill tree.

For example I want Lightning blast to be cold but want Volcanic orb to stay fire. I was wondering about the stacking as well though.

Uhm I thought about this yesterday and reskilled my passive points and it seems like it’s a doubble dip instead of redundance :).

Hmm, i just tried adding the passive to my already frozen orb, and it didn’t do any more damage than normal, so im not sure about it double dipping.

It would not do more damage because there’s no increase with these nodes. It could only be the freeze rate that is doubled.

I agree, the different nodes give flexibility. That being said, I was surprised that Rune of Winter was added since it doesn’t really add anything. I was more surprised to see that it doesn’t exactly duplicate the two nodes in the skills (mainly Supercharged Floes for LB). So I guess I can drop the Frozen Orb point but not Supercharged Floes. Strange.