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0.7.6C Enchant Weapon automatic recast freezes game

spellblade’s Enchant Weapon automatic recast freezes game

I’ve tried the node and haven’t seen this issue. If you can make it happen again, can you please post your log file and some screenshots of your skill trees? Thanks!

output_log.txt (393.8 KB)
it happaned again, here is the log file

Could you post a screenshot of your Enchant Weapon tree? When does the game freeze exactly, is it as soon as Enchant Weapon refreshes? First time it happens in a zone? Random?

there are a couple things i need to say:
1- it doesn’t always happen, but if it starts happening it doesn’t stop
2- let’s say i’m just walking in town, Enchanted Weapon is about to recast, everything stops, even the FPS counter stops, then suddenly it comes back, Fps is at 0 and suddenly goes back to normal… this will happen non stop

when i first start playing it’s normal, the bug starts after a while
i was watching a streamer play spellblade, he was also having issues with the game freezing, i told him about the bug, he removed the node that auto recasts and the game stopped freezing
he also used a trick with the keypad to make it auto cast
it was Vision
edit 2:
he said it’s not the node but the skill itself because with the keypad trick it still happens

I’m getting the exact same issue. output_log.txt (961.9 KB) (3.9 MB)

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