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[0.7.3] Summon Spriggan - Floral Ascendance Bug

TLDR: Floral Ascendance perk does not work (at least proven to not work past the first point)

started with 4 unallocated points and a Lvl 10 spriggan. The spriggan does 45-60 damage per hit with orb… Spent 4 (for a total of 5) points on Floral Ascendance. Spriggan damage stayed at 45-60, minions snapshot afaik, so I resummoned Spriggan, however; the damage stayed within the 45-60 range, even though it gained 48% more spell damage.

I have a 92MB recording of said incident if anyone knows how to upload.

92MB is too big to upload here; either post it to YouTube (I just use unlisted videos for this kind of simple bug demonstration, like so), or upload to a cloud storage service like DropBox (their free accounts come with enough space for this file).

to reiterate, after the +4 points (12% to 60% more damage) with a ~50% more damage multiplier, at a bare minimum it should deal 60 damage every hit, from 40-60 range before points are spent.

Thanks, I’ve made a note of this.

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