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[0.7.2b] Some notes about performance


  • Windows 10 x64
  • AMD Ryzen 1700
  • SSD
  • 16 GB DDR4 3000 MHz RAM
  • NVIDIA 1050ti (4096 MB VRAM)
  • 130 Mbps Ethernet internet connection
  • Beta access to NVIDIA GeForce Now
  • Latest BIOS and clean installed NVIDIA drivers

I’ve been playing the game for several weeks. I faced hard fps drops at the beginning. I started to dig this problem and found that my BIOS and some drivers are not the latest. I made a fully update of my system with a clean install of NVIDIA drivers, according to LE support team recommendations. These actions improved my fps, but still I’ve been experiencing fps drops and freezes (see this).

Firstly, I thought, that probably my machine isn’t so good for this game, because 1050ti isn’t very modern GPU. I realized that I’ve got an access to the GeForce Now and tried to run the game there (video). As you can see here fps drops down to 18 fps. I think, GeForce Now service provides the best possible hardware for gamers, that’s why I can conclude that the problem somewhere in the game.

The last thing I’ve tried is to install the game on the same machine, but under Ubuntu 18.04 which is supported by the game officially. I haven’t got a gameplay video on Linux, but performance in this case was much worse (yeah, I followed the official recommendations regarding performance on Linux as well), than on Windows 10. But. I assume Linux drivers may affect the performance hard, that’s why it’s okay that it provides lower game performance than Windows in my case.

Finally, here the links to the videos:

  • FPS on my machine under Windows 10:
    It’s not so bad in caves and dungeons (but still freezes in battles). But it’s getting worse on a certain side maps.

  • FPS on the GeForce Now:
    It’s not so bad with medium-low settings. But I’ve catch fps drop down to 20 fps with Ultra settings, which is unbeliavable for the level of the graphics in the game, running on NVIDIA cloud gaming platform…

And one more thing. Have you got in plans to provide an auto-pick option for ingridients? Is it possible for you right now to provide the steam cloud service in steam (it will make possible to play the game with geforce now without losing your data)? It would be so nice.

I wish you a good luck with the further improvements and development. I really like this game. If I can collect and provide more statistic about game performance somehow, please let me know how to do it.

DxDiag.txt (74.5 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (2.4 KB)
output_log.txt (182.4 KB)


Thanks Tetrees, performance is still one of our largest priorities and we’ve brought on additional resources to help. Posts like these are helpful :slight_smile:


Don’t worry mate i have almost same config as you and still encounter FPS issue with some map ( forest, lagonia , imperial era) and some other wich my FPS cut in half ( 30 ) and in some other map it stay at 60 , can’t help. Game is still beta so thing can be only better with time :slight_smile:

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