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0.7.10 Ladder overview

I was curious to see how each class performed in the arena ranking and compared the numbers. (I did that for years for the D3 Community as well, so I thought you guys may like numbers as they did *g)

It is a simple overview, without very much meaning. It seems, most classes/sub-classes are balanced very well so far.
This is going to be interesting, if there are seasons and bigger patches. I’ll update those stats from time to time.

Always 100 ranked characters (from v 0.7.10) were considered.

Highest [Classanme] = Highest single arena ranking of the respective class.
ø Class = Average of all in the respective class.
ø Specialization = Average of the respective class specialization.

100 ranked Acolytes are splitted into 31 Lich and 69 Necromancers
100 ranked Mages are splitted into 60 Spellblades and 40 Sorcerers
100 ranked Primalists are splitted into 46 Druids, 26 Beastmasters and 28 Shamans
100 ranked Sentinels are splitted into 24 Void Knights, 52 Paladins and 24 Forge Guards.



That’s a really cool overview you did there! But it’s hard to say with those stats if classes are balanced or not. Spellblade mastery became a lot of changes and a new skill, so most of the players prefer to test the new stuff especially in a beta thats why the number is so high i guess. We are also in for only 2 weeks now with the new patch if im not mistaking? Just compare to PoE ninja stats, all the players start with easy leveling builds like trickster/assassin dot builds. Now the necro meta comes back after couple of weeks into the league.
But i would really like to see those stats in the future, also a overall % of masteries played by the whole playerbase, not just arena only, because most of the people probably go for monolith as endgame at the moment.



That’s correct. Best example is the Primalist. The median is weak, but it has the highest single arena done over all. That must first settle down, before such numbers are more meaningful.

True, the arena costs a lot of time, with few rewards.

Nice Work :+1:

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Interesting data :).

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By the way, I have noticed something else. The ladder is constantly pulling live data, even if an arena run has already been completed. The character level in the overview is kept up to date and the build is also updated.

It would be better to take a snapshot after a run is finished and not to query it anymore. This is just unnecessary server load and also falsifies the data.

Highest of each subclass is much more meaningfull than highest of each base-class.
I think the latter is almost irrelevant.

Your data suggests that e.g. druid is 20% more powerfull or popular than shaman.
But reality is there is e.g. not a single shaman under the top 100 right now and also last patch there was only a single shaman in the top 100 i think.
Whereas Druids can reach roughly 3 times higher arena waves.

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@Khastro I added a better view. The averages are still in, but highest by subclass as well.

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Nice idea in general but there are too many cheaters on the ladder especially in the higher rankings. If you wanna balance classes n stuff around arena rankings you/we should be carefull… same for different ladder bugs that make the whole thing even more complicated.

Until release / good anti cheat system is applied i would be carefull trusting statistics about ladder/ranking for balancing right now. But if you dont forget about that its kinda interesting to get an overview for sure.