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Passive Node Ideas - Rogue (8)

Hey there, everyone! We have community members constantly pitching ideas for passive nodes scattered around our social channels and as we dive into some updates to the passive trees we’d like to invite you to place your …

Clear Cut (2)
Skill Idea Dervish (2)
The Wait (10)
Do you prefer your bow class melee tank with bow or ranged squishy? (9)
Skill idea - Potion throw (6)
Rogue skill idea - Garrotte (6)
Rouge Skill Suggestion - Smoke Bomb (5)
Typical suff (2)
Marksman and Bows (4)
Ranged weapons (3)
Rogue gone? (5)
Death from afar (4)
Hype! (5)
Wanna be a dancer (9)