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List of places we can get passive skills from quests thread! ( 2 ) (27)

I’m pretty confident I have them all for patch 0.6 Please let me know if I’m missing any:) Thanks. Nine quests total one of them gives 2 passives points for a total of 10 Chapter One -Void Assault (Council Chambers,…

PLEASE READ: Recent FAQs that the Devs are aware of and will be addressing (8)

Hi all, I have been seeing quite a few of the same few questions that have been asked in the forums as well as discord. Just want to compile some of these issues so that people can refer to these FAQs and know that the …

Welcome to our Forums! Please Familiarise Yourself with the Code of Conduct (1)

Greetings, Travelers. I’d like to begin with a very sincere thank you. We greatly appreciate all of the enthusiasm, feedback, and bug reports you have sent our way. Your passion for Last Epoch is a constant source of m…

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