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Feedback and Suggestions

SUPER In-Depth Story Feedback (3)
Lower tones in music and second currency. (5)
Level 82 Sorc, 35 hours play - review and feedback (20)
Meaty Feedback after 70+ hours (Arena, Skills, Monolith, Items, Monsters, wording, bugs, respec costs) (19)
Latest patch movement bug (1)
How do you feel about re-spawning areas? (2)
New Set items and legendaries? (1)
Damage numbers above monsters heads (3)
Suggestion: make all skills with tree cklickable (1)
Minions have literally no void protection and melt like snowflakes (2)
Simple Suggestion: Character Reorganization (1)
Arena Keys in 0.7.0d (11)
Idiomas , languagues (2)
Focus feels a bit unresponsive (2)
Should be a way to view the skill trees for skill you have not yet unlocked (2)
Mana/Health color outside the orbs (1)
Acolyte spells texts (2)
Health Regeneration is useless. So ANY leech character is FAR superior than a regen one (9)
More Game Language Local (I'm not good at English either) (1)
Passive Respec cost decay (5)
Simple QoL suggestion for "skills and specialization" menu display (1)
Fire Shield VFX (1)
Regarding respeccing (2)
Leaderboard (1)
Skill Specialization Respeccing (2)
I think the crafting system seriously needs to be reworked/removed ( 2 3 ) (41)
Quality of Life Feedbacks (2)
(french) Avis ( 2 ) (37)
Heal on damage taken [Speculation] (4)
How are you guys doing managing mana? (4)