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Feedback and Suggestions

No Items including Legendaries are loot-able (7)
More information about the mob that killed you (2)
UI feedback (2)
Excessive launch time (5)
List of Player Expectations for Game Release ( 2 ) (33)
Proposed enemy mechanics (2)
Feedback and suggestion (5)
Lunge, Landsknecht node disables skill when not wielding a polearm (2)
Awkward area transition from Welryn to Welryn Catacombs, reversed direction (2)
Leaving Items in the crafting window deletes them upon exiting the game (11)
My list of improvements and suggestions (4)
Compilation of ideas for changes to the Hungering Souls skill (4)
A suggestion to improve Penetration stats late game (4)
Fire Shield - The circle is too bright (4)
Something to save builds (3)
Clicking on an affix in the crafting panel doesn't remove a shattering stone (3)
Respeccing is painful, punishes new players for not knowing what to pick early on ( 2 3 4 ) (75)
Juggernaut node (3)
Enemy abilities which significantly affect framerates (3)
Portals (4)
Postpone option for Arena (2)
Don't let the player use potions when at full hp (3)
Multi shatter (2)
Ennemies Variety (8)
Will there be sockets on gears, & how will it be implemented (9)
Lack of sorc amulet and ring (10)
When will we se Dual wielding in the game? (5)
Do we really need Shop NPC dialog with nothing but "shop" and "leave" options? (4)
NPC Respawn on return through Town Portal (3)
Sacamano's Primalist Feedback (3)