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Bug Reports

Leaped out of bounds (1)
Inventory/Crafting Bug - Items overlapping in inventory, can't stash mats (1)
Patch 0.7.0e Fractured items left and right at 85% sucess chance or higher (5)
Dropping items on ground and loot bug (8)
Druid's 'Regrowth' and 'Defense of the Heart' passives do not work (1)
Lich Passive 'DarkGuard' not providing any ward (2)
Beta 0.7.0H (Summon Frenzy Totem bug) (1)
Blood Sculptor - Harvest skill (Acolyte) (2)
Shield Rushing through the Environment (3)
Mage Black Hole passive not assignable when coming backwards (1)
Map error catacombs (missing part) (1)
Reaper cooldown bug (1)
Sabertooth skill tree (1)
UI typo (1)
Golem keeps pusing enemys (4)
Avast treating Last epoch as threat after the 0.7.0h (1)
Sane Cultist quest bug (1)
Strange interactions with the crafting table (2)
Echo of the world / Portal issue (1)
2 Items in the crafting tab at once (1)
Lunged under the ground (2)
Missing Chunk (Hole in the world) (1)
Patch 0.7 g and tooltip errors/skills (4)
A STUDY IN TIME Bug - Imperial Officer Humsk (3)
Crafting Materials & Shards (11)
Thrown Hammer bugs (2)
Blood Tether still not fixed (1)
Stash bug (1)
Void Knight - Heavy Endurance Training (8)
Cannot drop items from inventory (6)