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Bug Reports

Rune of refinement not working (3)
Visual bug when Ctrl-comparing items, glancing blow chance disappears (1)
Sorcerer Passive Node "Mark of Brilliance" seems buggy (3)
Divine essence - Divine intervention (1)
Item tooltips on ground too low on the screen (6)
Noticed a odd bug with crafting not sure if its supposed to do this (5)
Holy aura (1)
The two chests at the end of the old barracks didn't drop any items (1)
Moonwalker Druid (1)
Game lags an insane amount for ~30 seconds when logging onto a character (5)
Summon Skeleton - path cost from Undead Onslaught to Fury of the Risen (1)
Item gone on fracture (1)
Passive "knowledge of destruction" not giving crit chance (2)
Smite Descend Node doesnt give it a CD (2)
Acolyte - Ward retention nodes inconsistent wording (1)
Blood Sculptor - Harvest skill (Acolyte) (3)
Unique weapon 'Dreamthorn' has a 3d model which is far too large on the Primalist (12)
The ruined college! (3)
Oversized zone text (6)
Crafting items higher than you can use (6)
Skill - Sentinel:Paladin - Holy Aura:Redemption (1)
Unique armor, Exsanginous, not providing 15% of missing life as ward (4)
Vengeance->Punishment node refers to dark blade (2)
Game crashes trying to get into MoF occasionally (2)
Aura of Decay - Poison Bolt (1)
Stash 6 Items lost (7)
Rahyeh's Light doesn't refresh Fire Shield (1)
Mage Teleport's knockback pushed spires into terrain (1)
Dreamthorn (3)
Aura of Divinity is not increasing any stats (1)